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A Wayfinding and Placemaking Passion based in San Diego, CA

Human behaviour, design, communication and creative strategy: My goal is to bring greater creativity and innovation to the field of wayfinding by collaborating with developers, architects, landscape architects, interior and lighting designers, focusing on creating a 'sense of place'. I consider myself a strategist, planner and a researcher, helping people find their way in complex environments.

First graduated in social communications in São Paulo, Brazil. The next step was to travel the world, as a proper globe-trotter, I lived in London, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Dubai, finding my passion in the way different cultures navigate and how they relate with their built environment. Soon I found myself studying my Masters by Research in Information Environments in London. This quickly brought me to the subject of wayfinding, focusing on how spaces affect peoples behaviour. A world of opportunities opened for me, what can we do to help people find their way? How do people from so many different cultures navigate the same space? There is so much more to explore besides ‘just signs’.

I started my wayfinding career with a non-profit urban project back in Brazil. With the chance to give a small rural community in the Northeast, Guaramiranga City, a new look. I worked from strategy all the way to implementation. Working with donations and limited resources, this was for sure an interesting start. Soon I decided to move somewhere more challenging: Dubai was my choice.

Soon after moving to Dubai, I started working as a Project Manager, New Business, Wayfinding Strategist and finally leading the entire team. With projects all over the MENA region: UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon and Qatar with projects ranging from hospitality, education, healthcare to urban masterplans. After almost six years in Dubai, it was time for a change of scenery and here I am in San Diego, California!

Being a member of the Society of Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) has been a great experience, this year I was able to speak to the industry leaders about my experience in the global wayfinding methodologies at the SEGD 2018 Wayfinding & Placemaking in Los Angeles!

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