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Zebra Crossing

Develop the foundation

Wayfinding is my passion, and strategy became the challenge which drives me to learn and research more. With six years of experience, I know the industry well and had the opportunity to work with transport, urban, healthcare, hospitality, education and workspace environments. I strive to achieve only the best for every project I take on - my wayfinding strategy services are no exception. Reach out, let's have a coffee.


Business Meeting

Team and client management

My experience so far has been to lead the wayfinding creative and technical team to achieve the client wishes, and to manage the client expectations, timeline and budget. For every project I have worked on, my main role has been to get the client brief, develop the timeline and manage client expectations, create the wayfinding strategy, brief and lead the design team and finally deliver the implementation stage – working as a middle person between supplier and client.



Proposals and client focus

As part of my role, I have learned a lot by meeting with potential clients, understanding their needs through chats or RFPs, translating these needs in a wayfinding methodology, required stages, deliverables and fees.
Happy to help you translate these RFPs into wayfinding deliverables specific for each project, adding on, of course, the required fees based on team, time and resources.

"In the process of wayfinding, the strategic link is the environmental image, the generalised mental picture of the exterior physical world that is held by an individual. This image is product of both the immediate sensation and the memory of past experience, and it is used to interpret information and guide action. The need to recognise and pattern our surroundings is so crucial, and has such long roots in the past, that this image has wide practical and emotional importance to the individual."

The Image of the City - Kevin Lynch


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re in need of wayfinding expertise or would like to know more about my work.

+1 (540) 230 7773

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